Get ready folks, Apex Legends is coming to mobile!

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We are all familiar with the gaming phenomenon that is Apex Legends, and how quickly it has risen to the very top of the battle-royale genre. What has now proven to be one of EA’s most lucrative investments has even shaken the foundations of the genre giants like Fortnite, and made a fan base that can only be considered incredible in only one year since its release. As this rapidly expanding Apex fever continues to bring in new players up to this very day, EA has made a very rational decision to expand the number of platforms on which Apex runs.

Apex Legends Mobile release date

And now, let’s cut straight to the chase; when exactly is Apex Legends coming to mobile? Unfortunately, EA hasn’t yet released the exact date of the release, instead, the gaming giant left us with a vague promise that it will come out “in the EA’s next fiscal year”. That means that the earliest date we can hope for can be October 2020, which isn’t that bad I guess, but I think we speak in the name of every Apex player when we say that we want that sweet action on the go ASAP!

Is porting Apex Legends to mobile a good idea for EA?

Everything that is currently happening on the global gaming scene suggests so. We have seen the example of PUBG and how vitalizing can be for a game to draw in new players via means of expanding to new platforms. Whether EA is going to follow PUBG’s example of how to make the transition or if it’s going to do it in its own unique way, remains yet to be seen, but we are positive that whatever the details of their choice are, it’s going to bring mutual satisfaction to both players and publishers.

What does EA get from porting Apex Legends to mobile?

First of all, an injection of fresh players that would otherwise be unable or unwilling to play. EA has long before spoken about wanting to expand the Apex franchise to China, and what better way to do so than to bring it to the platform that is without a doubt dominant in that country? Apex has been known to bring in new gamers that were otherwise unfamiliar with the battle-royale genre, and this way they can draw in even the casual mobile gamers. Simply put – the more, the merrier!

The hype is real, and we’re all waiting!

If you have enjoyed Apex Legends on PC, then keep your eyes peeled for the mobile version in the last quarter of 2020, and keep your spirits up! It may seem like a long time to wait, but we are sure that once it comes, Apex mobile will rock our world. In the meantime, stay tuned to the EA’s official site for the news of an actual release date and hope for the best. In light of PUBG’s success, we are sure that EA’s and Respawn Entertainment’s decision to port Apex is a no-brainer and that we can expect a mobile shooter like no other we’ve seen so far.

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