Microsoft’s Forza Street is here and we’re not sure how to feel about the release

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Well, that’s not entirely true. We know very well what we feel about Microsoft’s Forza Street, but it might be better if we gave it a few arguments before we outright say it. First off, we are not sure why exactly this game bears the name of the legendary racing simulator when it has nothing to do with racing or simulation. We get that all the major franchises in the gaming industry are being ported to mobile, and for the most, that decision is proving to be really lucrative at the very least. That is probably because they actually tried to make their mobile games exciting and interesting to play, instead of stamping the well-renowned name on top of it and hoping for the best.

Is Forza Street just one big cutscene?

If tapping one button on the screen at the right time just so you can watch the nondescript racing animations unfold in front of you is your idea of fun, then this is probably the thing for you. Yeah, we didn’t think so. We really can’t imagine what was on the dev’s minds when they came up with this concept because we can’t think of anyone who would want to experience street racing as a timed event.

Gameplay that lacks any innovation

We totally support breakthroughs from the conventional gameplay clichés and value innovation when it comes to experimenting with new systems, but removing the steering and breaking element from a racing game? Come on, that just feels lazy… They’ve just turned a game that bears the Forza name into a drag racer that doesn’t even look anything special. The mobile platform has come too far in both market and technology fields for this to be considered anything more than a barely mediocre game.

How far can money grabs go?

We can only assume that the reason for this Microsoft’s debacle is their ambition to make as much money as they can with as little effort as possible. What Forza Streets lacks in action and innovation, it makes up for with all the different ways to suck the money from you. It is abundant with in-game purchases, and you need to pay for pretty much everything if you don’t want to spend an enormous amount of time grinding, which under these circumstances is hardly an option.

Overall impressions or lack of any

It’s really hard to find anything good to say about Forza Street, so here’s our best shot: Gamers looking for a time-killing mobile game with real cars might find it amusing for some time. Street should have really lived up to the Forzaname, but instead, we basically get Microsoft’s attempt at the Asphalt series. It really deserved to be more than a game with poor gameplay, monotonous races, and events that will eventually get you bored, but for some reason, they didn’t make it to be more than that. Whatever the reason for this situation may be, our advice is to steer clear unless you are a serious gearhead who can withstand the horrible gameplay just so you can fiddle around real-world cars.

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