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Game review for PUBG New State

PUBG New State was created by PUBG studios, a company that created PUBG Battlegrounds. In this game, the players jump into the year 2051 and parachute to the city of Troi. This city is a battleground by the time they land. As a new game, the developers ensured that it was advanced and accommodated various new features, which are essential to the game’s futuristic concepts. The game lies upon the foundation laid by its predecessor and implements new technologies. Currently, there is a mobile free and downloadable version in the play store which makes it accessible. As a result, the players enjoy a pleasing aesthetic. This article will give a PUBG New State review.

Features of PUBG New State

This game includes the important aspects of PUBG IP and many unique features. Here are the elements and features of the PUBG New State:

• It uses new mechanics such as bulletproof glasses, car door covers, and combat mechanics that are deactivated when shooting in the smoke.

• The recruiting system allows the player to turn their enemies into allies

• The ability to resurrect the teammates

• A map to return to the classic, Erangel 2051

• Vehicles are available that allow the players to rotate around the battleground

• The drone store available ensures that the players can access supplies during the match

Comparison between PUBG New State and PUBG Mobile

There are different features that set these two games apart. For instance, the mechanics, graphics, and minimum requirements for New State set it apart because they are all improved. However, in terms of control, both games deliver the same. If you have to choose which game to play between these two, New State is the way to go because it offers enough variation that satisfies all fans of PUBG Mobile looking for something new and those of the battle royale franchise.

Pros of PUBG New State

• The game comes with custom maps

• It comes with auto features

• A new weapon which is the Mortar has been added, which is used to create smoke

Cons of PUBG New State

• Not all devices can play the PUBG New State. For Android devices, the requirements include RAM of 2GB and a CPU of 64bit. The iOS version must be 13.0 or higher.

To sum up, PUBG New State is a fun and engaging game. With a few more amazing features, the players get the potential to win!

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