Get ready for the ultimate Teamfight Tactics experience now available on mobile as well!

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We’ve all got our sights set on March this year when a new installment in Teamfight Tactics will be released for the first time on mobile platforms. Just the thought of being able to play TFT on the go makes us all really excited, and we want to praise the Riot for this decision. Furthermore, cross-platform support means you’ll be able to battle it out with your friends across PC, Mac, and mobile altogether, and we can’t stress enough how great that is in light of the recent trend of making the games exclusive to one platform.

The key to Teamfight Tactics’s success

Autobattlers are definitely the rising trend in the gaming community, and even though lots of gamers are still reserved about the genre, they are exceeding all expectations when it comes to popularity. Mix that with the well-known charm and experience of team Riot, and you’ve got yourself a gem that’s riding the top of the auto-chess popularity wave. All they have to do is stick to their well-known formula for success while working and we are guaranteed to have another masterpiece worthy of the franchise.

Get your strategy game on point now that TFT mobile is here!

According to the dev’s announcement, we should be expecting an increased focus on the player’s strategy, which they ensured by removing some of the more extreme random mechanics. This way luck will play less of a role in determining the victor, and hopefully, the player with a better strategy will win more often than before. It’s all about versatility now, and how quickly you can adapt your strategy to the rapidly changing circumstances.

Building your team and unleashing them has never been so fun!

One of the bigger factors that will determine your fate on the battlefield is your choice of heroes and how well you know to make the most out of them. This time some of the more frustrating disable like Hextech and Demons have been removed with the goal of making the game as satisfying as ever. Seeing your champion cast their ultimate and destroy all enemies has never been so rewarding, and the developers did their best to give the player a true sense of accomplishment. Furthermore, some of the hard counters that affected your whole team and made them almost completely shut off have been replaced with more soft counters that can be crucial in giving you that winning edge.

What can we expect from Teamfight Tactics on mobile?

As far as we can tell, team Riot really tried their best to bring TFT action to mobile platforms in a way that doesn’t seem artificial or simply ported from PC, instead, they tried to incorporate the game in a way that feels like it has been intentionally built for the platform. How much they succeeded in that matter remains to be seen, but in the light of the past projects and based on the material that has been released so far, we have no reason to be pessimistic.

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