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Dragon City Hack – How to use Unlimited Gems MOD [iOS/Android]

Dragon City is a game that was first released in 2012. The game depicts the story of a group of dragons who are fighting against other dragons for world domination.

DC is played by breeding and raising your own dragon army while defending yourself from enemies. As you level up, new buildings and other features become available to you. The game features two modes: the Campaign mode, where the player must win battles to advance, and Free Mode, where players can breed their dragons without any gameplay restrictions. Gameplay in Dragon City is similar to games like Harvest Moon or Pokémon Red/Blue in that you have to manage your time carefully between building up your farm or town and exploring the world around you.

Dragon City Game Features

– Complete the Dragon Book! Combine dragons of Fire, Nature, Pure, Legend, and many other elements, to breed unique hybrids of over 1000 awesome dragons!
– New dragons join the game every week through breeding events and special islands.
– Decorate your dragons with cool Dragon Skins from special events.
– Adventure through the Dragon Quests and play against other Dragon Masters in the game’s PvP Arenas to collect one-of-a-kind dragons, claim Warrior’s Chests, and climb the leaderboards!
– Summon dragons to your city from a magical world in the Tree Of Life and try their skills.

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